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This Transmission from 26th of July, in the New Galactic Year energies, is preparing you for the Lion’s Gate 8/8 quantum jump into a higher version of your consciousness. This is a timeless transmission that will take you through an inter-dimensional journey and connect you to the Earth portals and Sirius gateway.

By activating the sequence geometry in your energetic field, this will create an access point from the higher dimensions of existence into your cellular memory, facilitating your physical body ascension.

How to work with these light codes?

💎It is recommended that you activate your Column of Ascension using the included Column of Ascension meditation each time you listen to a transmission or recording (and even as you start each day if you feel inclined to connect daily).
💎Connect with the Vesica Pieces geometry frequency and bring it into your energetic field and physical body, and imagine it being activated in each cell of your being.
💎Take this geometry sequence in the Central Chamber of your Heart and observe how you feel in your body.
💎Use the Mudra connected to Vesica Pieces, following the instructions from the Transmission.
💎Listen and receive the trance-channeling Activation from the Arcturian Council of Light.

What do you receive in this bundle?

1. Energetic preparation and a Guided Meditation
2. A powerful and timeless activation from the Arcturian Council of Light  
3. A recorded Q&A session with the Arcturian Council of Light
4. The 2021 Timelines of Ascension Activation

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