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Open to Channel and Light Language Activations

These channeled transmissions, are activating your ability to connect to the Star Councils and receive their frequecy in different ways the energy wants to be expressed through light language, sign language, sound frequency, colour frequency actively participating and interacting with a higher consciousness.

How to work with these light codes?

1. Activate your Column of Ascension
2. Receive the Higher Realms Activation 
3. Receive the 24 Portals Activation 
4. Receive the Light Language and Channeling Activation 
5. Listen to Multidimensionality

What do you receive in this bundle?

1. Column of Ascension Meditation
2. Higher Realms Activation 
3. 24 Portals Template Activation 
4. Light Language and Channeling Activation 
5. Multidimensionality; The Playground of The New Earth

Investment: $350 USD 
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