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5D Soul Mission and Abundance Activation
 A Multidimensional Activation for New Earth Visionaries
Full Length Transmission (For Individual Activations - See Below):
This was a 3 hour Activation and a lot was activated and uploaded into your field to serve you with your ascension journey.

Please know that parts of you will be shifting and calibrating over the next couple weeks.

To support this process it is important to know that:
  Your body many need more rest and feel tired - please allow yourself to rest and stay hydrated and nourished. 
  You may feel emotional, as you may release some stuck emotions - please give yourself love and support and cry if you feel to do so - or if anger wants to process out of your field go punch a boxing bag or go scream out in nature.
  We are all unique and have our own journey with our own traumas & programs to release, and when we ascend & evolve, aspects of ourselves transform and this can be a bit turbulent, so please be loving with yourself.
  Take deep breaths into your heart a few times per day and feel/see your heart field expand - breath in through your nose and out through your mouth for 15 breaths or more. A few times per day.
  Be sure to stay Hydrated and if possible take a good magnesium supplement as this will support your nervous system.
  Watch / listen to the activation delivered at the end of the transmission again when you are ready as it is a tool for you to keep forever

If you feel called to continue your ascension and evolution journey with my support and the support of the Arcturian Councils of light, please visit the Evolving Consciousness page and book in a personal channeled conversation to explore if this is the aligned ascension container for your mission :

Many Blessings,


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2nd Activation:

3rd Activation:
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