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5D Soul Mission and Abundance Activation
 A Multidimensional Activation for New Earth Visionaries
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Take a Journey With Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Light into the Quantum and Activate Yourself as a New Earth Visionary
This channeled transmission is for the ones READY to embody their Higher Consciousness, explore the Multidimensionality of their Soul Purpose, and fully activate their unique Abundance Codexes of Light.
For thousands of years, visionaries brought humanity to the next level of evolution by holding frequency realties not yet available to everyone. Excelling in different fields of activities these souls were always initially misunderstood and often criticized, only to later be acknowledged as ahead of their time and innovative visionary leaders.
The evolution of human consciousness accelerated because of the immense contribution of visionaries, pioneers, and courageous souls that shared their innovative ideas, discoveries, and technologies - risking everything to anchor the NEW and shift collective perspective and understanding.
In this quantum time of accelerated ascension many advanced Souls are READY to share their gifts, talents, abilities, trainings, insights, realizations, journeys, and higher consciousness by fully stepping into the grid of their mission and soul purpose.

We are walking at the forefront of ascension, co-creating New Earth realities and timelines. 

We are pioneers, ambassadors of light from different Star Nations and Advanced Civilizations here to actively participate in the great awakening of the human race.

We are remembering eons of incarnations on Earth and other planets and ready to share ascended timelines with humanity. 

We are here to activate our Soul Purpose and embody our Inner Temple of Light, blessing the Earth with our divine presence.

If you are here with me, I invite you to a channeled transmission where you shall receive:
  • A POWERFUL 5D SOUL MISSION ACTIVATION which will connect you to your mission grid, divine purpose, and take you through a journey. This is a journey of merging your 3D and 4D with 5D consciousness in the wholeness of your being, aligning with your Higher Consciousness, and will be guided by our beautiful 12D Sirius Council of Light.
  • ​A UNIQUE ABUNDANCE ACTIVATION of your 5D inner codexes stored in your DNA will amplify and expand your capacity of receiving and giving. This will allow you to co-create with the laws of the Universe effortlessly in your manifested reality and will be guided by the 12D Great Central Sun Council of Light.
  • 5D INNER VISIONARY ACTIVATION which will connect you to the quantum interdimensional technologies that will activate your Pineal Gland and 3RD Eye quantum vision and will be guided by the 7D Arcturian Council of Light.
  • ​And so much more...
Please know this is the introduction activation for our upcoming program:
These codes are very powerful and I am guided to share this transmission for free globally for 2 reasons.
1. To share these codes with the Beings of Light here on Earth, so they can shift to higher timelines of mission and multi dimensionality & action their greater missions with more clarity and devotion.
2. To share these codes with the souls who are missioned with great missions, and are ready to continue their multi dimensional expansion with full support and divine guidance in “Evolving Consciousness - a Journey for 5D Visionaries."

Many Blessings,
Livia Devi & The Councils of Light
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5D Soul Mission and Abundance Activation
A Quantum Journey to activate yourself as a New Earth Visionary
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Livia Devi

New Earth Leader, 5D Mentor & Trance Channel of The Arcturian Council of light

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