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Starseed Activation 
A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul & Star Family
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Take a Journey With Livia Devi and the Arcturian Council of Light into the Quantum and Meet your Soul & Star Family
This channelled transmission is for the STARSEEDS, the ones awakening to their galactic connection and wanting to gain more clarity, precision and direction with their Star origin.

As our planet is ascending and continuous waves of photonic light energy are beamed on Earth from the Great Central Sun, many souls are opening their consciousness towards other dimensions of existence. Their multidimensionality... 

The ascension waves are activating our STAR codes within our DNA and memories of lifetimes lived on other planets and different avatar bodies are becoming alive in our conscious awareness.

When the Starseed template is activated, many are first experiencing a disconnection of their current timelines and realities on Earth and a deep desire to find their way back to their home planet.

The ones not able to reconnect to the original blueprint of their Star connection become "seekers," travelling the lands of this Earth, always feeling something is missing and never finding what they are looking for.

This Starseed Activation is all about creating a pathway, a guiding light for the awakened and the "seekers" to find their home, their place, their soul family and finally feel whole again.

In this channeled transmission, we go back to ORIGIN, honoring the remembrance of our Soul & Star Family, re-establishing a HEART connection with them and transcending the separation frequency we once experienced through awakening.

For the ones who have been searching for their place, their reason for existence, their home, this transmission and activation is for you...

In this channelled transmission you will receive:
  • A QUANTUM STARSEED TEMPLATE ACTIVATION which will create a bridge through the stargate of your heart to your Star Family that reside in a different time-space reality and density.
  • A DNA ACTIVATION OF YOUR STAR CODES which will accelerate the remembrance of your skills, talents, abilities, trainings and memories from lifetimes on other planets in order to understand your Soul purpose and mission on Earth.
  • A THIRD EYE AND PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION to increase your inner vision and capacity to see beyond the veils of your immediate physical reality.
  • A PROCESS TO ACTIVATE AN INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL OF LIGHT to call in your highest reality, call in other Starseeds meant to come together in communities, and hold the New Earth vision and timelines.
Please know, this is the introduction activation for our program called:


These codes are very powerful and I am guided to share this transmission with you for free and globally for 2 reasons:
1. To share these codes with the Beings of Light here on Earth, so they can shift to higher timelines of mission and multidimensionality while actioning their greater missions with more clarity and devotion.
2. To share these codes with the souls who are gifted with great missions, and are ready to continue their multidimensional expansion with full support and divine guidance in the Source Seed Program.

Many Blessings,
Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light
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Starseed Activation
A Quantum Journey to meet your Soul & Star Family
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Livia Devi

New Earth Leader, 5D Mentor & Trance Channel of The Arcturian Council of light

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